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I have heart failure – am I at increased risk from coronavirus?

If you have heart failure (including congestive heart failure) that causes symptoms such as breathlessness or tiredness, then you are classed as at high risk. This means if you catch coronavirus you are more likely to get seriously ill than other people who don’t have health issues. If you’re also over 70, or your heart failure restricts your daily life, or you’ve needed to see heart failure services regularly, or you’ve been admitted to hospital to treat your heart failure within the last year, then you’re at particularly high risk.

Whether you’re at high risk or particularly high risk, you can reduce your risk by carefully following the guidance on social distancing and frequent handwashing.

Having heart failure does not automatically place you in the shielding category. Your doctor or specialist will have been in touch with you if they feel that your individual circumstances mean that you should be in the shielding category.

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